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Easy PEEPS S’mores Recipe – Use up Leftover Easter Candy!

For some reason, we found ourselves with a major surplus of PEEPS marshmallow candies before Easter this year. In some perfect twist of fate, we found that we also had a leftover chocolate Easter bunny and more graham crackers than we could shake a s’mores stick at.

This perfect combination gave us the idea to make our own off-season PEEPS S’mores inside! We used regular honey graham crackers, blue PEEPS bunny sugar-coated marshmallows, and broken up pieces of a large, hollow chocolate bunny.

Yummy, Memorable Peeps S’mores

Easter candy leftovers will no longer haunt your pantry. The beauty of these delicious and cute Easter desserts isn’t their simplicity or their no-bake preparation. The best thing about Peeps Bunny S’mores is that you take a traditional favorite candy and turn it into a memorable Easter dessert experience. Making S’mores out of all that Easter candy is so much fun. It also helps to cut down on the excess candy cluttering up your pantry or the top of your fridge.

Try these tips for these no bake Easter treats – Peeps S’mores!

No Bake Easter Treats

Using Up Leftover Easter Candy: Peeps Bunny S’mores

To make PEEPS S’mores, you will need an unscented tealight candle and bamboo skewers.

PEEPS S'mores Recipe - Leftover Easter Candy

PEEPS S'mores Recipe - Featuring Leftover Easter Candy

Make homemade S'mores using leftover Easter candy - PEEPS marshmallow bunnies or chicks and hollow chocolate bunnies - for a memorable and delicious kid-friendly snack!
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Holiday
Servings 1
Calories 297 kcal


  • 1 pack PEEPS Marshmallow Candy (We used bunnies.)
  • 1 pc Graham Cracker Break in half.
  • 1 pc Chocolate Easter Bunny Broken into pieces.


PEEPS S'mores Prep

  • Light an unscented tealight candle in a glass bowl or votive holder.
  • Break apart a hollow chocolate bunny. (Alternatively, you can use traditional HERSHEY bars or other chocolate.)
  • Separate the graham crackers into halves.
  • Place a few pieces of broken chocolate bunny on one half of the graham cracker.

Roasting the PEEP

  • Place the marshmallow on a bamboo skewer.
  • Roast the PEEP, gently and slowly twirling next to the flame, using caution not to catch it on fire.

Finishing the dish

  • When the PEEP marshmallow is roasted to your liking, gently slide it between the two graham crackers to remove it from the stick as you would with a traditional campfire s’more.
  • Press the graham crackers together and enjoy! And be sure to tell all your friends – these are awesome!


Experiment using different colors and flavors of PEEPS! You can also mix up the chocolate you choose as well as the graham crackers. Enjoy!
Easter Dessert Ideas: Peeps S'mores
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Have you tried this fun, leftover Easter candy recipe at home? Have another idea we should try? Please share in our comments below!

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