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Pancake Breakfast Restaurants: Shaped Pancakes for Kids

Shaped pancakes are a huge hit in our house, and we love a good pancake breakfast. As you may have read, we make the extra effort to make our own homemade dog-shaped pancakes for our toddler. She loves them so much that we will try to vary the shapes a little bit, making our family pet as well as Bunny’s two favorite stuffed dogs, Lucky and Pumpkin.

Sometimes we also make a bone or a ball pancake and plenty of other shapes. Finding a pancake breakfast restaurant that makes creative shaped pancakes in our area or places when we travel is an especially helpful. It’s also a fun way to make sure our daughter gets enough food in her belly.

Some of the most popular pancakes seem to be bears and Mickey Mouse. I’ve made my share of those, too. I’m convinced my toddler isn’t the only two and a half foot tall pancake fan. Without further adieu, I hope you enjoy these shaped pancake breakfast restaurants that are perfectly geared for toddlers!

Shaped Pancake Breakfast Restaurant Options

If you are searching for a pancake breakfast restaurant, you aren’t alone. Here are some places that offer creative pancake options and shaped pancakes on their menus:

Chocolate Chip Cody Dog Pancake from Caitlin & Cody's Restaurant in Quakertown, PA

Caitlyn & Cody’s Diner

Caitlyn & Cody’s Diner in Quakertown is a favorite food spot of my brother. He has gone there more times for breakfast after working the night shift than I can count. He told me we’ll have to take Bunny (his niece) there for breakfast sometime– Caitlyn & Cody’s offers dog pancakes of their own! We finally went and this is how cute the Cody Pancake is! (Bunny ordered a chocolate chip dog pancake, of course!)

Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort prepares many kid-friendly breakfast and dinner options, with Mickey Mouse shaped waffles and pancakes suitable for kids and adults alike. Character visits from the likes of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, and Goofy make this kiddie dining hot spot a must for those going on the popular Disney vacation. This is one pancake restaurant you don’t want to miss. We made it to Chef Mickey’s on our recent trip, but went for a character meal dinner and it was amazing! Next time we will head over for breakfast to try those Mickey Mouse pancakes!

Christy’s Restaurant Pancake House

Christy’s Restaurant Pancake House in Wood Dale, IL reportedly has a Mickey Mouse pancake platter for kids to enjoy. Complete with pineapple, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and a few cherries on top, this dish is a cute and fun breakfast entrée for kids of all ages. Sausage links on the side add just the right amount of protein for a balanced meal.

Hickory Park Restaurant Minnie Mouse Breakfast Pancake with StrawberriesHickory Park Restaurant

Hickory Park Restaurant in Gilbertsville, PA is one of our favorite pancake breakfast spots. This restaurant indulges guests with an intimate diner setting and personalized service. Many times they have fresh strawberries for the kids. Our daughter greatly enjoyed their Mickey and Minnie Mouse chocolate chip pancakes! From an adult standpoint, their chocolate chip pancakes are out of this world – most likely the best pancakes I’ve ever had. This is by far our favorite pancake restaurant near or far! 


IHOP restaurants are probably one of the best choices when it comes to a fantastic breakfast the whole family will enjoy. This pancake restaurant is world famous and absolutely family friendly. IHOP’s Create-a-Face pancakes and Funny Face pancakes make breakfast exciting for kids who love to be creative and who demand something more than the standard when it comes to food.

As Halloween approaches, IHOP typically offers a “Scary Face” pancake, too! We really need to pay a visit to our nearest IHOP – Funny enough, we’ve only visited one as a family in Tampa, Florida!

Omega Restaurant & Bakery

Omega Restaurant & Bakery in Niles, IL reportedly has its own version of a Mickey Mouse pancake as well. I’m not seeing it on the menu, but check the kids menu when you go.

Perkins Restaurants

Perkins Restaurants offer popular Perky Bear Pancakes sprinkled with mini chocolate chips – a delicious option for toddlers and older kids any time of day or night. Breakfast for dinner can be a fun option, especially when you have a picky eater or two. This dish features one large pancake and two smaller ones for the ears – a great pick for pancake lovers!

Silver Spur Restaurant

Silver Spur Restaurant in Santa Cruz, CA has an adorable animal pancake adorned with grape eyes, strawberry nose, and an orange slice for a mouth. On first glance it looks like a koala or a mouse, but it could be another version of Mickey or a bear as well. This is especially helpful for toddlers who have a favorite animal—here’s your teddy bear pancake!

Pancake Breakfast Teddy Bear Pancake

Squeeze In Restaurant

Squeeze In Restaurant, with locations in Nevada and California, has its own Teddy Bear Pancake or Teddy Cake to inspire your kids to eat a good breakfast. This cute pancake has ears and a fresh fruit face. Kids will like the kiwi and grape eyes, strawberry nose, and orange slice mouth.

Timberline Cafe & Bakery

Timberline Cafe & Bakery in Speculator, NY offers delicious homemade breakfast and lunch entrees and quite a few beverage selections. While the restaurant is relatively small, it does some serious business. On nice days, you can sit outside with your family – there is even a kid-sized picnic table for the children. Our daughter loved the bear pancakes she got and my husband and I enjoyed the delicious grilled sandwiches. This is a great pancake breakfast spot to add to your list if you’re visiting the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

Pancake Breakfast - Mickey Mouse pancake Villas Diner

Villas Diner and Pizza

Villas Diner and Pizza in Villas, N.J. has delicious food and versatile breakfast options. I was delighted not to have to choose between pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Meanwhile, my husband was pleasantly surprised when he was offered a choice of tater tots or typical home fries. Of course, Bunny couldn’t be happier to get a Mickey Mouse (MINNIE Mouse to her) chocolate chip pancake. They used M&M’s to decorate the face. She told me she needed a bow for Minnie, so I just tore some of my bacon and put it on top of the mouse head. Perfect and so delicious! (cannot find a website)

Finding More Pancake Breakfast Restaurants

These are just a handful of countless breakfast shops and restaurants that offer creative pancake options. If you know of additional possibilities for pancake breakfast restaurants, please leave them in the comments below. We will gladly continue to update the article to include as many establishments offering shaped pancakes as possible.

While you’re on a pancake kick, be sure to check out our Thanksgiving Pancakes Recipe: Turkey Shaped Pancakes!.

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