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Adorable Minnie Mouse Kebab Fruit Ideas

We threw our daughter a Minnie Mouse birthday the year she turned three and it was awesome. Despite best intentions, though, we didn’t get to make all of the wonderful Minnie Mouse birthday treats that I had in mind—like the Minnie Mouse kebab fruit ideas I wanted to try—but we still plan to make them as fun snacks and desserts off and on over the years.

So, we found a warm, sunny day and we were in need of a healthy snack, so Natalie and I decided to make our own Minnie Mouse fruit platter, well, more like a Minnie Mouse kebab fruit bouquet a la Edible Arrangements style. So cute – definitely worth the time and effort!

First, make sure you have all the ingredients you want or need to create your own Minnie Mouse kebab fruit ideas. (Special note: your final creations can easily switch to Mickey Mouse fruit ideas – simply leave off any bows!) Team up with your kids or the whole family to really have a fun and crafty snack making session.

Minnie Mouse Watermelon Fruit Cup Cookie Cutter

This is a fun, delicious, healthy, and relatively easy food craft you can do at home in just a matter of minutes. Are you ready? Here’s what we came up with and how you can quickly and easily make this fun Minnie Mouse snack at home with your Mouseketeers!

Minnie Mouse Fruit Ideas – Ingredients & Materials:

To make a Minnie Mouse kebab fruit tray, platter, or arrangement, gather these fruits and supplies:

–   Bamboo Skewers

–   Toothpicks

–   Small Vase or Jar

Minnie Mouse Fruit Kabobs

–   Piece of Styrofoam (or other item to stick skewers into)

–   Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter

–   Bow Cookie Cutter

–   Fruit to your liking:

–   Watermelon

–   Pineapple

–   Grapes

–   Cantaloupe

–   Honeydew Melon

–   Etc.

–   Cutting Board

–   Knife

–   Paper towels

* Don’t forget to wash the fruit as necessary before you begin!

** Don’t forget to check the Safety Notes below before you start! Kebab fruit skewers are awesome but the sticks are pointy and you especially want to watch small children.

Minnie Mouse Kebab Fruit Bouquet Instructions:

To make a Minnie Mouse fruit platter or fruit plate, simply skip the skewers, Styrofoam, and vase or jar. Instead, arrange all your cut fruit pieces nicely and creatively on a plate, tray, or platter of your choice. You can even use a paper plate for a picnic style snack!

  1. Cut fruit into chunks as desired.
  2. Cut watermelon and other melon into thin slices.
  3. Using a small Mickey Mouse metal cookie cutter, cut out small mouse head shapes.
  4. To create Minnie, make bows out of tiny triangles put together, such as what you would get from putting two thin pineapple wedges point to point.
  5. Arrange the fruit on the tray in a fun scene or simply space out the mouse heads and other fruit pieces.

Making Minnie Mouse Fruit Snack Recipe

Minnie Mouse Fruit Kabobs Instructions:

The possibilities for your Minnie Mouse fruit ideas are endless—just use your imagination! To create the fruit kabobs that are similar to Edible Arrangements, grab some skewers and get started!Minnie Fruit Sticks Skewers

  1. Place a piece of Styrofoam (you can wrap it in a paper towel if you like) or even a piece of fruit like an apple or an orange inside the jar or vase. You will stick the skewers into this.
  2. Cut chunks of fruit in different sized wedges and other shapes.
  3. Use a small metal Mickey Mouse cookie cutter to make the mouse head shapes out of sliced watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew.
  4. Gently push fruit pieces onto the skewers in any pattern and sequence that you like. Invite your child to help, but supervise closely, as skewers are sharp.
  5. Use different sizes of skewers if you have them, to create dimensional effects.
  6. Use toothpicks to add some fruit to the bottom of the Minnie Mouse arrangement or to secure several pieces together, like the pineapple bow I made for the Minnie Mouse at the top of the arrangement.
  7. Stick the skewers into the foam or whole fruit in the jar or vase in a pretty arrangement.
  8. Grab plates for everyone and head outside to enjoy this yummy and healthy Minnie snack in the sunshine!

Safety Notes:

Minnie Mouse Kebab Fruit Ideas - Watermelon Skewers with Grapes, Pineapple, and Cantaloupe
Minnie Mouse Kebab Fruit Ideas – Watermelon Skewers with Grapes, Pineapple, and Cantaloupe

As with any situation in life, please monitor your children and use common sense and vital safety practices. Creating a Minnie Mouse fruit presentation is meant to be a fun and memorable activity, but it is up to you to watch and guard your child’s safety!

Skewers are sharp and pointy and can splinter. You don’t want your kids eating that or sticking them into their eyes! Also, large pieces of fruit can pose choking hazards. Proceed with caution!

  • Supervise your child(ren) closely! And cut fruit to your own comfort levels. While whole grapes look great, beware. I stepped away to get a knife to cut them after the fact and my daughter already had one of each color jammed in her mouth before I could even blink.
  • Bring a sharp knife and cutting board with you when you sit down to eat the fruit so you can cut the pieces into appropriate sizes for your kids.
  • Check the skewers closely for splintering, both before and after you add the fruit. Discard any splintered skewers and any fruit that may have touched them.
  • Immediately discard the skewers and toothpicks so kids aren’t tempted to use them for jousting practice.
  • If you are worried about the skewers, don’t second guess yourself. Stick to a Minnie Mouse fruit plate instead!

Minnie Mouse Fruit Platter

It can be a lot of fun making food and snacks with your little ones. Using fruit to create edible art for your kids can be a memorable and delicious experience. Use your imagination to make the most of whatever you have on hand.

We hope you enjoy making your own creative and yummy Minnie Mouse kebab fruit ideas at home! Feel free to share your creations and any suggestions you have in our comments below!

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