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Homemade Dog Cake: Easy Tips!

When kids are small, the dog birthday theme is such an adorable choice. Lots of cute paw print crafts, Scooby Snacks cookies, party games, and prizes. Of course, you also need to make a homemade dog cake… Easy! Just follow these simple tips to make and decorate a homemade dog cake for your child’s birthday.

For all the families with kids who love dogs, I hope this easy homemade dog cake post helps!

Making a Homemade Dog Cake: Easy Tips!

The plan for a homemade dog cake doesn’t get much easier than this. My bestie Jessica Schultz of Unique Physique for Life makes amazing cakes and this one couldn’t be cuter!

Homemade Dog Cake Easy! and Puppy Dog Mini Cake on plates

Follow these steps to make a memorable and adorable birthday cake for a kids’ dog themed party.

  1. Make your child’s favorite birthday cake flavor. Make your favorite recipe or any box mix will do! Use two round pans and follow instructions for cooling.
  2. Place the cake on a plate and frost the first layer. Frost across the top of that layer, which will be the center of the cake.
  3. Place the other round on top. Frost the entire cake the desired flavor and color, such as white (vanilla) or brown (chocolate).
  4. Create a few frosting colors. Decide which color spots, ears, and muzzle your puppy cake will have. Mix them up in separate bowls and set aside, or use traditional frosting as-is.
  5. Use an icing piping tool and the star to create dimension. Go slowly – you can always add more!
  6. Make a patch for one eye. Start by making a patch over one of the dog’s eyes and pipe the frosting into a circle or a bit of a ragged patch.
  7. Place a dark M&M upside-down for the eyes. Place one directly on the patch and one symmetrically across from it.
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  8. Pipe a larger circle for the dog’s muzzle. Using the same color, pipe close together and create a circle where you will later add the dog’s nose and mouth.
  9. Pipe two ears, one opposite the other, at the edge of the cake. Use a different color for these. My friend used a darker brown like a traditional chocolate.
  10. Using the same darker color, make a mouth. Pipe a straight line and then a curve at the bottom of it, like an upside-down umbrella.
  11. Add a few dark spots near the mouth. This is where the whiskers would be!
  12. Don’t forget the tongue! Using your desired color, don’t forget to add a little dog tongue at the bottom of the mouth.
  13. Add some fluff at the top of the dog’s head. If you want, give the pup a little scruff with some squiggly lines piped on for dog hair at the top of his head!

Puppy Dog Mini Cake

If you’re planning this for a first birthday, a puppy dog smash cake is a fantastic add-on! Simply use a smaller pan and reproduce the design on the mini cake. The puppy smash cake will make for adorable first birthday photos!

You can use a different flavor of cake mix if you like. Once you have enough in the mini pan, you can use the rest up for doggie cupcakes for the party guests!

Homemade Dog Cupcakes

If your dog themed birthday party will include many young guests, you may also want to make dog themed cupcakes. The fun part of making homemade dog cupcakes is using candy pieces to make the dog’s eyes, nose, and mouth or tongue!

To make puppy dog cupcakes for a birthday party, follow these steps:

  1. Make the cake mix.
  2. Spoon cake batter into individual cupcake tins and bake according to the instructions.
  3. Allow to cool completely.
  4. Frost as desired.
  5. Decorate as above with the homemade dog cake instructions, or use candy to create eyes, nose and mouth/tongue!
    1. Use M&Ms for eyes.
    2. Use Fruit Rollups cut to size for ears and tongues.
  6. Try to decorate them in different colors so the final cupcake platter will be as different as a litter of puppies!

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