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8 Halloween Pizza Ideas – Fun Fall Meals

Hey, not sure if you’ve heard but – Halloween Pizza is NOT canceled. Regardless of what happens on Halloween night, you can still do all the fun and festive things at home. Making Halloween pizza can be fun for the whole family! It’s delicious and memorable and absolutely something that should make your Halloween 2020 bucket list.

Your kids will love this food activity. Gather your favorite pizza ingredients and anything you can to make it a little creepy. Plan for a large pizza for the whole family or individual personal sized pizzas. Spend time with your kids trying these fun ways to make Halloween pizza for a meal your family won’t forget.

Halloween Pizza Mummy Style

Make a fun Mummy Halloween Pizza with your favorite crew!


Pizza dough or crust


String cheese

Something to make eyes – olives, peppers, etc.


  1. Make the dough per your usual instructions or open the package of premade pizza dough or pizza shells. Roll out if needed.
  2. Pour sauce onto the pizza and spread it evenly.
  3. Pull the string cheese! Little helpers can have fun pulling the string cheese apart.
  4. Once you have many strands, place the cheese on the pizza to simulate the mummy’s bandages.
  5. Use cut peppers or olives for eyes.
  6. Bake until done and enjoy!

FUN TIP: You can also make awesome pizza bagel mummies with leftover spaghetti sauce and mozzarella! Use the same idea and just make smaller versions of this for a personal pizza style meal.

Eyeball Pizza

Eerie eyeball pizza is just what the boys and ghouls ordered for Halloween! Make this spooky pizza just as you would any old pizza, but use olives for eyeballs. Consider a few different ways to make eyeball pizza.

  • Many Eyeballs – First put down small rounds of fresh mozzarella. Then place a sliced olive inside each one to create the eyeballs. You can also use small lines of red sauce to add a bloodshot vibe.
  • Giant Eyeball – Create your pizza as usual but use enough mozzarella to cover the whole pie. Then add a circle of pepperoni or bacon bits to create a red circle in the center. Finally, make an even smaller circle with mushrooms, olives, or another dark topping. If desired, use tiny strips of red bell pepper to make the pizza eyeball appear bloodshot.
  • Mini Eyeball Pizza Bagels – For a miniature version, make pizza bagel eyeballs. Make the little pizza bagels and then place a piece of pepperoni followed by a slice of olive to create the eyeball look. Make different ones using different vegetable “eyes” if you like to add some variety.

Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Pizza

Making jack-o-lantern pizzas will be really fun for the kids. This style of Halloween pizza isn’t scary and instead lets each person be creative! I love the idea of getting individual personal pizza pans and letting each family member create his or her own pizza creation. You never know what kind of spooky or silly pumpkin pizzas you’ll end up with this way.


Favorite pizza dough







Fresh Basil

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  1. Make the pizza dough as instructed.
  2. Roll out the dough into a round of whatever size you need – traditional pizza or personal pizza.
  3. Don’t forget to add a piece of dough for the stem!
  4. Spoon sauce onto the pizzas.
  5. Add mozzarella as desired.
  6. Cut up vegetables into different shapes for the Halloween pizza faces.
  7. Let the kids make their own jack-o-lantern pizza creations!
  8. Bake until done and enjoy.

Dracula & Bat Pizza

Have a little fun making a creepy Dracula pizza with bats. Focus on Drac’s features and you’ll be sure to come up with an awesome Halloween pizza in this style.

  • White, pointy fangs – Make sure you cut or shape some mozzarella into pointy, triangular fangs.
  • Wild, bulging, sleep-deprived eyes – Most moms can simulate this look in our sleep – I kid! But srsly, if someone could just pick up their own toys once in a while maybe I could get a little shuteye. :[… oh, the pizzas – right – so create dimension around the eyes — as well as expressive eyebrows — with slices of peppers, onions or other tasty toppings!
  • Dark widow’s peak – Ah, the classic Dracula hairstyle – don’t forget this key feature! You can use mushrooms, olives, or other dark toppings for Dracula’s unique hairline.
  • Bat Friends – Make Drac’s bat friends by cutting up black olives into ovals and then slicing olives into ovals and fashioning wings from those cuts. You might also use a bat cookie cutter and some lunchmeat that your family would accept on their pizza, such as slicing sandwich pepperoni.

Ghost Pizza

Ghost Halloween pizzas will be some of the most fun to make! Use your imagination to create memorable and delicious food for your family this festive fall season. Try these tips:


Favorite pizza dough

Sliced Mozzarella (from the deli)


Basil, Oregano, or other seasoning to make eyes

(You can also use tiny cuts of vegetables.)


  1. Make your favorite pizza dough.
  2. Top with sauce.
  3. Use a ghost cookie cutter to cut out an assortment of tiny cheese ghosts from the mozzarella slices. If you don’t have a cookie cutter, you can freehand it!
  4. Space the ghosts out on the pizza so there’s cheese on every future slice.
  5. Use tiny herb seasonings for eyes, or cut vegetable pieces very small to make eyes on the ghosts.
  6. Bake until done and enjoy!

Spider Pizza for Halloween

I don’t know why anyone would want a SPIDER on their pizza, Halloween or not… BUT, if you MUST, here are some cool Halloween pizza ideas with spiders in mind.

  • Easy Black or Green Olive Spiders – Fashion spiders out of black olives or green olives, using a round slice as the body and eight thin strips as legs. This may get tedious, but it looks really cool!
  • Pepperoni Spiders – As creepy as it is, it’s hard to pass up a pepperoni pizza! For Halloween, create pepperoni spiders with a round slice as the body and small strips cut from a pepperoni slice as the legs.
  • Mozzarella Web Weave a cheesy web using mozzarella that you fashion into a spider web design. Then add your favorite style of pizza spider to complete the look.
  • Spider Pizza Bagels – For a festive meal they won’t forget, make pizza bagel spiders and stick pepper strips on for legs.

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Monster Pizza

Anything goes with a Halloween monster pizza! For that reason, I’m going to recommend a meat lover’s style pie that you and your kids can fashion into a fun monster. Use whatever delicious meat toppings you have, like pepperoni, diced ham, Canadian bacon, bacon bits, beef, steak bits, sausage, or even hotdogs for a fun and tasty Halloween meal.

Make your monsters on the inspiration of Frankenstein, the werewolf, zombies, and a plethora of other haunted ghouls. Cut shapes for the faces, such as zigzag teeth or pointy fangs, stitches, and more.

Freestyle Dough Shapes

Some of the best Halloween pizza ideas may arise unplanned. Make your favorite pizza dough and get started with the Halloween pizza bakeoff! Here are some ideas to make it special:

  • Cooking Challenge – Have each family member write down a Halloween pizza theme on paper. Put the papers into a hat and have everyone choose one. Then, work independently (or with help) to create the assigned design.
  • Shaped Dough – Roll out the pizza dough to make a ghost, jack-o-lantern or pumpkin, Frankenstein’s head, or so many other fun Halloween pizza shapes.
  • Mini Pizzas – Make a whole Halloween scene with fun mini pizzas. Each person can design their own and then you can have a whole pizza village for a night. Well, for more like 10 minutes until it’s all gone. Anyway, use your imagination and have fun with it!

For even more fun and culinary creativity, mix and match these fun Halloween pizza ideas to your heart’s content! Envision a pizza where ghosts and pumpkins can live in harmony and make it happen. Your kids are going to love making these fun Halloween pizzas with you, and if they’re like my kids, they’ll remember and ask you for them again next year. Bon Appetit!

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