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Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas

When she turned four, my oldest daughter decided on a Frozen birthday party. This was back before Frozen II came out! Now your party options are even cooler! We had so much fun planning out Frozen birthday party food ideas for the party. Before sending out invitations, Natalie wavered between a “daisy birthday” and an Elsa birthday party. I tried to figure out if Daisy = the duck or the flower, and since we had a Minnie party the previous year, I sort of steered her in the direction of a Frozen birthday party theme. It was AMAZING!

Blue punch, snowflake cookies, blue rock candy party favors—my mind was already going a mile a minute without even clicking over to Pinterest. From Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas to games, activities, and party bags, I couldn’t wait to start planning! Shopping! Baking!

I had so many ideas. SO many, you guys. Of course, you know what they say about good intentions. Or best laid plans… one of those. Well, I may have gone a little overboard, especially with our Frozen birthday party food ideas. (and treat ideas, and drink ideas, and…)

Frozen Birthday Party Food & Drinks

At any rate, we searched high and low for Frozen themed bargains and party supplies—decorations, party favors, paper goods… We found everything we wanted and more than we needed.

Now all I needed was TIME to bring our Frozen birthday party food ideas to life! The one thing there’s never enough of!

Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas

For the Elsa birthday party food, I will openly admit that I got lazy after I tackled the desserts. I didn’t whip up any snowflake souffle or Olaf-shaped chicken nuggets. It was still a lot of fun coming up with the Frozen birthday party food ideas. With the help of my brother and my mom, I pretty much made my staples—homemade meatballs and sauce, buffalo chicken dip, and homemade macaroni and cheese—and simply let my daughter decorate name cards with snowflake stampers for each entrée. (Forgive my handwriting and the ‘cheesy’ quip on our buffalo dip tag below.)

Frozen Birthday Party Food - Buffalo Chicken Dip

We set out our chips, Fritos, pretzels and other snacks in clear and translucent blue bowls. Our buffet line wasn’t magical or glamorous, but I’ve heard the food was good! 🙂

We also whipped together mini sandwiches on pretzel buns, mini croissants, and Kings Hawaiian rolls. Then we topped them with Anna and Elsa party picks that we made ourselves. So glad our Frozen birthday party food ideas worked out so beautifully!

DIY Frozen Party Food Picks

Want to know a secret for a super cheap, super cute party pick?

  1. Buy a pack of bamboo food picks or mini skewers or use ones you have at home.
  2. Buy a pack of heart-shaped Frozen stickers (I got mine at Dollar Tree) or order a Frozen sticker pack
  3. Get two stickers of the same shape and stick them together with the toothpick or bamboo skewer in between.
  4. Stick the skewer into the sandwich or other party food and voila! You have an instant, impressive, inexpensive Frozen themed party pick!

Frozen Party Sandwiches - DIY Anna and Elsa Food Picks

Tip: The stickers may shift a bit as you can see in the pictures. If perfection is of the essence, add a small drop of glue between the stickers to keep them stuck where you stick them. Hot glue is better yet! (Plan to prepare these before the day of the party, especially if you prefer the glued version.)

More Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas

With a new baby in the house, I did cheat a little this time. I ordered fruit and veggie trays, a soft pretzel tray, and a boneless chicken wing platter so I would have a few easy things to just set out right from the get-go. By the time I got around to eating, guests had already decimated most of the chicken plus a pan of meatballs and both pans of macaroni and cheese (almost entirely)! Despite feeling famished myself, I was delighted to see the food was such a hit. I’m always happiest when my friends and family are enjoying what I make. 🙂

For the drinks, I made punch with one jug of blue Hawaiian Punch, one bottle of Sprite soda, and about a half a container of lemon Italian ice floating on top. I also filled up our Artland beverage dispenser (which is now sold out, but you can find lots of great dual beverage dispensers) with one side lemonade and one side iced tea, and put cute Frozen bath friends inside the empty base along with a little blue Easter grass. Of course, we also served juice pouches for the kids, a selection of sodas, and plenty of mini bottled waters. No one came close to going thirsty.

Elsa's Magical Treats - Party Food Sweets, Cookies, and Brownies

Frozen Birthday Party Dessert Ideas

Now, onto desserts, my favorite…

We ordered a beautiful snowflake themed Frozen birthday cake from our favorite local bakery, Dice’s Creative Cakes. Here it is…

Frozen Birthday Cake - Snowflakes, Blue and White Cake

We topped the cake with our Frozen friends plastic figurines.

As anyone who knows me knows, I am obsessed with cookies. Natalie and I decided to get a flower-shaped cookie cutter to make the snowflake cookies. I like the Wilton Comfort Grip style, so that is what we got. We also used a smaller flower cookie cutter that we already had from a set of flower cutters, since our sugar cookies turned out massive! (Just the way I like them! But I had to make a quadruple batch of cookie dough… haha!)

I love that the flower cutter gives us more flexibility for future parties—especially if she decides next year that she really does want a Daisy birthday party!

We made an assortment of large and small snowflake sugar cookies and topped them with sparkling blue and white sugar crystals. Some of them even got dressed up with edible pearls and snowflake sprinkle candies.

Frozen Snowflake Sugar Cookies, Blue Sparkles

Snowflake Sugar Cookies

Frozen Party Favors & Fun

In addition to all the fun we had with preparing the food, I got to enjoy the scavenger hunt that was finding all the party favors to go into the party bags. Except that we didn’t have party bags. We had party banks.

I happened upon a great selection of Frozen items at our local AC Moore ( 🙁 RIP), including lovely tin banks marked drastically lower than how they’d retail. I wavered back and forth over whether I should do a standard goodie bag or make something cute and Pinteresty with these banks. They were a straight-up STEAL. I opted for the banks.

Here’s what we decided to include in our Frozen birthday party bags:

Frozen Birthday Party Bag Banks

All said and done, I paid $3.94 per Frozen themed party bag. I know these guest gifts were worth so much more (too much?) but I couldn’t pass up such a good deal.

Baby & Toddler Friendly Frozen Party Favors

As a mom, I always worry about the babies and toddlers getting their hands on something choke-able. I made a somewhat different kind of party bag for the kids around two and a half and under. In that party bag we included:

  • Frozen Bank
  • Watering Can with Frozen Sticker (Dollar Tree)
  • Frozen Cookie Cup (Big Lots)
  • Mini Beach Ball (Oriental Trading)
  • We gave the parents the helicopter in this case.

For the baby and young toddler version of the party bags, I only spent about $3.54 apiece. In both cases, the estimated cost is not counting the plastic bag that I placed over top of the bank to hold in the contents, or the label we created with each kid’s name, or tax. Just pennies on the dollar there – I wasn’t worried about it.

I know it was a lucky find with the banks. I am finding them for $8+ each online when trying to link them for you. A more cost effective option may be the plastic Frozen party cups with Anna and Elsa or Olaf. You can buy them singly or by the set online or typically at your local party store or dollar store. They are a very popular item we’ve seen at a few friends’ birthday parties this year.

4th Birthday Party - Frozen

All in all, I’m pretty happy with our efforts. I think the party was a wild success, from the Frozen birthday party food ideas to the piñata that wouldn’t break even with adult intervention, to the party bags and the turnout. I think Natalie had a great time and felt super special, even if she did spend at least half of her party riding on the swings.

* Just a little note of thanks to some special friends and family who helped us cook, run errands, pick up food, decorate the pavilion, set up, clean up, and my pal who snapped many of the photos above plus countless others. xo

If you’re planning for a pandemic birthday, be sure to check out our article on Fun Social Distancing Kids Birthday Celebration Ideas.

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