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Easter Dessert Ideas: Fun, Cute, & Memorable Treats

No doubt this Easter is set to be different than usual, and we’re going to need some delicious Easter dessert ideas to make it through. With the coronavirus pandemic raging across the globe, everything’s different.

Shopping is limited mainly to online purchases and curbside pickup.

Dining out is not an option, and takeout options are hit or miss.

Seniors are missing their kids and grandchildren amid social distancing mandates, for good reason.

Easter gatherings should essentially be restricted to the immediate household only. Still, that’s no excuse to skimp on the Easter dessert ideas! In fact, now is the perfect time to throw together some easy Easter desserts with the kids.

Take some time to talk with your children about all the different Easter dessert ideas you can make together. From super easy cake mix options to more complex scratch treats, the possibilities are endless. Surely your pantry has a few staples you can use to bring your Easter baking ideas to life.

Try these tips to create cute Easter desserts with your favorites!

Fun Easter Desserts

You and your kids can make so many delicious, fun Easter desserts. These memorable treats will become a timeless tradition and likely a memory your kids recreate with their own future families. Cupcakes never grow old and the decorating possibilities are endless. Make these delicious and adorable Easter Basket cupcakes at home with your kids.

Easter Dessert Ideas: Easter Basket Cupcakes

Give your best baking buddies total creative freedom in making memorable and adorable Easter basket cupcakes. These easy Easter dessert ideas are fun and sure to be a hit with family members of all ages.


Cake Mix + needed ingredients


Food Coloring





Mini Chocolate Bunnies

Assorted Easter Candy


  1. Make cupcakes according to the package.
  2. Frost cupcakes. Simulate Easter grass with coconut. Top with coconut if desired or mix coconut into frosting and food coloring.
  3. Make an Easter basket handle with a piece of licorice. Tuck each end into the cupcake to secure the licorice.
  4. Place jellybeans around the top of the cupcake as eggs.
  5. Decorate further with sprinkles or jimmies.
  6. Add a chocolate rabbit to complete your world famous Easter basket cupcakes!

Jelly Beans for Easter Desserts

Cute Easter Desserts

Kids love cute! Be sure to make a selection of cute Easter desserts for them to enjoy on your quiet Easter at home during social distancing. Here’s the scoop on how to make this memorable Easter bunny cake.

Easter Dessert Ideas: Coconut Easter Bunny Cake

This cute Easter cake recipe is one your family will cherish for ages. Put this easy Easter dessert idea on the top of your to-do list with your little loves.


Cake Mix + needed ingredients



Fruit Roll-ups


Shoestring Licorice


  1. Mix up cake batter and pour into two round cake pans.
  2. Bake as instructed and cool.
  3. Frost the surface between the two cake layers.
  4. Cut the Easter cake in half as though you were making a full slice through the diameter.
  5. Flip one half onto its new flat edge.
  6. Although it’s at an awkward angle, frost the cake.
  7. Affix coconut onto the frosting to look like the Easter bunny’s fur.
  8. Using kitchen shears, cut out pointed ovals to be the bunny’s ears.
  9. Attach the ears to the top front of the cake, sticking up if possible. (If you don’t have Fruit Roll-Ups, you can likely make ears from fondant.)
  10. Place two jellybeans for eyes.
  11. Place one jellybean for a nose.
  12. Cut the shoestring licorice for whiskers and place them on either side of the nose.
  13. If desired, make a tail with more frosting and coconut at the back.
  14. Repeat with the second half to make another bunny Easter cake!

Finally, try these no bake Easter treats!

No Bake Easter Treats

Sometimes the best Easter dessert ideas are the ones that come from the heart. These treats are so easy and won’t require you to turn on your oven. These treats will help you use up your leftover Easter candy lickity split.

No Bake Easter Treats


Peeps Marshmallow Candy

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Graham Crackers



Bamboo Skewers

Tealight Candle


Check out our brand-new recipe for this treat – PEEPS S’mores using leftover Easter candy. They’re so simple and delicious to make at home!

We hope you enjoy making these delicious and easy Easter desserts! If you have other ideas for fun toddler-friendly Easter dessert ideas, please share them in our comments below.

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