Cooking and baking with children in the kitchen is the stuff memories are made of! I have the fondest memories of baking cookies with my mom when I was young, and I spend countless hours with my own girls making great cooking and baking memories, too.

Some of the fun of cooking with children in the kitchen is teaching them different recipes and techniques. We love the baking process from scratch, combining ingredients, cooking, and finally, enjoying the taste test!

Fun Serving Ware & Kitchen Gear for Kids

When my kids were really little, I loved putting their food on cute kid plates and making fun scenes. I still like to do that sometimes, but a lot of times we use paper plates since I’m the one always washing the dishes. Even so, there are still lots of fun kitchen must-haves for kids for all seasons. Here are some of my favorites that my family personally uses on a regular basis.

Evriholder, Hot Dog Holder and Slicer  
We got ours at CVS many years ago, but I see you can score one on Amazon now! This hotdog dog slicer tool is just so perfect for summer barbecues and even winter or all-season hotdog enjoyment. It gives mamas peace of mind that their little loves won’t run the risk of choking while cutting down on the time required to cut and prep a cooked hotdog for lunch or dinner. The most adorable feature is the tiny dog dish where you can put some ketchup or mustard to delight your kiddos. So fun and we’ve definitely used ours way more than enough to make our money’s worth!



Best Children in the Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

In my experience, these are some of the very BEST gadgets and kitchen must-haves when cooking for or with your kids. I only recommend products I personally love, that I think you will love, too!

Joseph Joseph Uni-Tool 5-In-1 Utensil Slotted Solid Spoon Spatula Turner Slicer
This is 100% my favorite kitchen cooking utensil of all time! I will absolutely be replacing it if it ever needs to be, but right now it’s more than five years old and still going strong. I use this tool to deglaze pans, chop, stir, scoop, and serve. It’s my go-to for preparing and serving homemade mac and cheese, brownies, stir-fry dishes, and so much more. You can get your own on Amazon – for me, it’s a life-changing kitchen tool! While this isn’t specific to cooking with children in the kitchen, I find this utensil so easy to use and I just love it.




Do you have favorite kitchen gadgets that work well when cooking with kids? Be sure to hit us up and let us know your must-have kitchen gadgets and goodies!

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