Sharing Toddler Meal Ideas!

Are you getting tired of serving up chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese day after day, week after week? I know I was – I literally could not handle serving one more cop-out meal to my kid.

That’s why I started Toddler Meal Tips back when my oldest daughter was about two.

Welcome to Toddler Meal Tips

This site began as a way to create and share kids’ food ideas and recipes with variety and a creative flair to encourage toddlers to try new foods. Now Toddler Meal Tips continues with my second daughter and her unique dietary adventures.

Toddler meal tips and ideas for fun kids food - two sisters making homemade pasta with cookie cutters

With toddlers, every meal seems to be a struggle, or at least a boring repeat. And every kid is different. What’s a favorite today may be barely nibbled in your trashcan tomorrow.

Forget rhyme and reason. There are no rules here. Only tips, tricks, and ideas.

Throw caution to the wind and more than anything, have fun with cooking for your kids.

Because the amount of time we parents spend cooking can be obscene. So, you might as well make it memorable and as enjoyable as possible!

I’ve found there’s often sanity in numbers, so join us in looking for fun and easy meals for kids. Share your toddler meal ideas, feedback, and suggestions here in the comments or on our Facebook page – Toddler Meal Tips.  

Two sisters holding hands walking through an apple orchard with apples everywhere - best friends