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Cooking Frozen Salmon
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Baking Frozen Salmon: 7 Tips & Tricks

During the coronavirus pandemic, most of us are working hard at social distancing. We’re shopping less and planning more. We’re using up leftovers and wasting less. We’re digging through our freezers to reveal convenience meals as well as frozen entrees we can whip up without leaving the home for food. Baking frozen salmon is something […]

Fresh Mozzarella Salad Loaded up for Lunch
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8 Easy Salads for Lunch

If you can’t get into salads for lunchtime, you might be doing it wrong! Think about your favorite foods and how you can incorporate them into easy salads for lunch. Just about any protein—beef, ham, chicken, fish, seafood, or beans and eggs—can work beautifully in a simple, delicious salad. Salads can be great lunch options […]

Frozen Party Drinks
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Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas

How is she four already?! But she is. And I’m finally getting around to posting some pictures and Frozen birthday party food ideas from the party. This year had Natalie wavering between a “daisy birthday” and an Elsa birthday party. I tried to figure out if Daisy = the duck or the flower, and since […]

Light-up cardboard fairy playhouse

Cardboard DIY Projects: Light-Up Playhouse

Kids should all get to experience the imaginative fun of playing in a big cardboard box (in my humble opinion). Don’t we all remember those times ourselves? My husband and I were just talking about cardboard DIY projects and how big boxes are sometimes just as much fun for kids as their toys. Playing in […]